Jokes aside, our guitar effects aim to be able to compete with whomever, whatever, whenever. Quality parts for the audiophiles - with a special affinity for 60's new old stock - wrapped in solid builds for heavy stomp action. All analogue, of course.

These effects are still somewhat of a secret, but will be made available for a larger audience during 2009. Here's a short guide on how to use them [PDF].

Baby Tokyo   - Citrus familly compressor
Boustier   - Dirty booster with tone control
Everyscream   - TS type overdrive modeller
Fuz Completo   - Germanium fuzz modelling
Kindergarten Blitzkrieg   - Octave up blendfuzz
Kindergarten Panzerskräck   - Octave down blendfuzz
Monito   - Bassboosting blendfuzz
Platanito   - The Monito fuzz element stand-alone
Radiator   - CMOS/JFET textured overdrive
Schmolume   - 1 knob clean boost

Caffeine   - Square wave tainted tremolo (In testing)
Calavera   - OC81D germs fuzz (Prototyping)