Locomofon builds a small range of oddities that either produces or does strange things to sound. An increasing number of these are in use by bands with higher musical aspirations than the Locomofon orchestra. Our instruments are one-off projects built to desire or surprise, and won't be likely to appear in any shop nowhere. As for now, only Norwegian residents can opt for a Locomofon box.
(You could still score an effect.)


APC1   - F. M. Mims circuit with R. Wilson WSG-oddfilter (2 made)
DS-8 Drum Synth   - M. Bareille circuit/clone (1 made)
Insomniac   - Workshop project for the Insomnia Festival 2009
Lumiphone   - 555 opto-theremin (3 made)
Radiowaffe ZDS-7   - M. Bareille circuit (1 made)
Schroder/Ovesen 1   - Custom twin oscillator fuzz with noisegate (One of one)
USG1   - "Nevronica" - noisemaker, R. Wilson circuit (4 made)
USG2 (+)   - "Nevronica Lyx" (1 made)
Snöstorm   - Custom order mulfitfilter and noisegenerator (1 made)
ZWP 1   - R. Wilson circuit (1 made)

Return of the Insomniac - the workshop synth revisited and improved
Zensor monoSID 1 - Midibox based SID module (85%)
Zensor Wave Processor 2, R. Wilson based circuit with ad-ons (10%)