We fix stuff
However, this has become a way too popular service, and we have little capacity for repairs until we get a bigger work shop and a few extra hands. We will make sure to tell when this happens. Until then, repairs will continue to happen in a timely fashion.

Prices in NOK for 2016, excluding taxes/MVA:

  • Effects pedals: 600/hour
  • Guitar amplifiers: 800/hour
  • Synthesizers and rack modules: 800/hour

Warranty repair on non-Locomofon gear is available through ProLyd AS.

Locomofon prefer fixing old, cranky analogue gear - We do not do home entertainment systems, radios, turntables or non-musical equipment. If your gear is SMD-based, we might have to say no. If you're in a hurry, note that we seldom are, and adding the small size of our operation, repairs might take a while if new parts have to be imported. If you're just looking for some advice or odd part, we will try to help as much as time allows.