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We're doing a workshop on DIY wearable audio interfaces at the Insomnia Festival in Tromsø, October 21st and 22nd.

Lot's and lots of work, and we're shutting down the repair shop for the summer to make room for research and music. If you're in a hurry, Sakari also does repairs for ProLyd Tuesdays and Thursdays, at Mølleparken 4, Oslo.

We've had a dive into physical computing that will be visible in our coming series.
Also, we're brewing beer.

And we're fully booked again... Closing doors temporarily until further notice. We'll probably change our terms of service when we do. Cheers.

Picking up pace again: Starting off with hardware for three exhibitions with Ingrid Askeland and sound for Frøydis Møller Ludviksen. Our new repair and production facilities will open in september, and two new effects are being prototyped with release planned for October.

We're moving parts of the FX production to our amp and synth repair shop while looking for bigger production facilitites.
This means our effect repairs also move uptown.

Holidays, and since we really deserve the break, we'll be closed from December 17th to January 4th. Most of this time will be spent in Trondheim. Merry Christmas, all that.

We're back in Oslo. We'll be expanding on the Insomniac workshop synth and offer updated layouts shortly, in a separate forum. Sound clips and photos from Insomnia will be available on Myspace - eventually.

We're off to Tromsø to host a workshop at the Insomnia Festival. Back on oct. 26th.

We've had busy days working together with Ingrid Askeland on her contribution to the annual exhibition at Kunstindustrimuséet. There's a small pile-up of synths and amps in the shop due to this, and our attempt at a holiday, but we're back at the desk from this week on.

All our units now ship with a new silent switching bypass system and 9 volts plug for non-battery operation. Please stick to high quality power supplies and take care of polarity: negative center.

We've shipped a package for Altai in Helsinki where the fantastic people at Bone Voyage and BB*Island record. Check out Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo's new video to "Zombie".

Lydproduksjon in Tromsø now stocks Locomofon. The Fuz Fabrik has morphed into the Fuz Completo, and we've compiled a short user's guide for our effects.

Our first mention in Guitar Player magazine: Adrian Belew talks of his rig to , and lists our Fuz Fabrik.

The new NIN-album "Ghosts" is out today, featuring some
Locomofon fuzz and drive. Thanks in particular to mr. Reznor, mr. Belew and mr. Moulder for embracing our sound. You rock.

Grunnet kraftig pågang har vi måtte skru opp prisene våre en smule.
Effekter: 200,- / time
Forsterkere: 300,- / time
Synther: 400,- / time
Deler og moms kommer i tillegg.

Rubber Soul opens march 1st, and Locomofon is their hardware of choice. You'll find them and our boxes at Møllergata 47, Oslo.

This week we've had the pleasure of making a custom Fuz Fabrik to Adrian Belew for his Power Trio tour. Also, Spirits of the Dead has completed their album for mastering, and George Marino will be assisting them on this last bit. The album features extensive use of Locomofon gear. We're proud and happy, of course.

We're back to regular activity. Repairs Tuesday to Thursday 10:00 - 16:00. Call to make sure.

We're closing doors for the holy days - that is, we're all booked with repairs and pre-paid orders until mid January. Some new models are in prototyping, and the second shop starring Locomofon boxes opens this month at Møllergata 47, Oslo. Thanks to all our old and new friends who keep us busy.

We just finished our Everyscream box in time for the Spirits Of The Dead gig tomorrow.

These last weeks have seen extensive repairs for
120days to get them ready for the Numusic festival 8th of September.

Our prototype for the Panzerskräck octave fuzz is in testing. Series starts a week from now.

We're fully booked for the holiday season. If your order is not in with us yet, try again in August.

Five of our boxes are currently on tour in Japan and Australia with Serena Maneesh.

We made a birthday box for Olivier Labbé.

One week of intense soldering results in the one-off project "Snøstorm", commisioned by Ivan Galuzin.

Recently we've had a minor pause in production due to collaboration with artist
Ingrid Askeland

Our KINDERGARTEN BLITZKRIEG is prototyped and tested. Available in January 2007.

The Locomofon JUNKIE PUKE is prototyped and tested. Available in December 2006.

The Locomofon FUZ FABRIK is prototyped and tested. Available in November 2006.

The first USG for oversea export ships to New York, via Sandnes, Haiti and Oslo looking for Rita Indiana.